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Customer's Reviews

"I've been ordering and enjoying Chef Naida and Wild Dandelion meals for about a year now and I highly recommend Wild Dandelion. The food is pure whole food and it is delicious. It's fresh, delectable, and innovative. Chef Naida is a gifted chef. I am grateful to have this resource because I have an autoimmune disorder which limits my food options; however, w/ Wild Dandelion by my side, I no longer feel deprived or discouraged by my food choices. Instead, I look forward to her extraordinary meals.... And, they deliver right to your door!" 


"I know I’ve said this before, but we really appreciate your services. I have chronic Lyme disease and although we make healthy meals for ourselves, it becomes difficult to keep up while running a business, and with life in general, especially when I’m having symptoms. The food is so delicious and it’s the types of meals we usually like to make for ourselves (simple, healthy ingredients). Your meals are so flavorful, and they don’t trigger symptoms for me.  You are very talented and have a beautiful gift with your meal creations."


"I first met Naida at the Wellness Kitchen in Templeton.  My friend and I took a cooking class from her.  She was personable, knowledgeable and made you feel at ease, no matter what your culinary skills were. Shortly after Naida started Wild Dandelion Meals, I invited a few friends to try her weekly entrees.  Since her food is mostly organic and all are gluten and dairy-free, we were delighted!  The menu is a nice mix of meat, poultry, fish, vegan and vegetarian. Personally, I really appreciate how Naida accommodates my individual needs (low sodium) and is always willing to make adjustments for me and my friends. I would encourage anyone to try these healthy, affordable and delicious meals and support this wonderful new local business."


"My husband and I have been enjoying the healthy, delicious, meal prep and delivery services of “Wild Dandelion” since July, 2020. I have multiple life threatening autoimmune disorders that have caused significant gastrointestinal upset. These issues have decreased noticeably. Naida is willing to leave out ingredients, personalize dishes; and, provide a la carte entrees, so that I can put together meals, such as chicken, rice, and vegetables, that are nutritious, tasty, and easy to digest."



"As the former chef at the Wellness Kitchen Naida has created spectacular weekly meals...including those with special dietary needs. For those days when you don’t feel like cooking, Naida has made her meals convenient, nutritious and tasty."


"How in the world does Naida do it?!  Scrumptious dishes that are not only pure and healthy, but present unexpected flavor combinations that are absolutely delicious. And all this at reasonable prices delivered to your door.  You will love it!" 


Mary B.

"Excellent, healthy, and delicious food, great service, very fair prices, delivered to your door.  What's not to like? " 


John L. 

"Naida’s food is delicious and healthy. As a busy mom of three it’s wonderful to get a night off cooking and feel wonderful about what my family is eating."


"My husband and I look forward to our Wednesday delivery of Wild Dandelion’s meal each week. Besides the food being organic, very tasty and lovingly made, we don’t have to cook that night!

Naida will do available substitutes when needed ,and she gives such a warm, personal touch to her interactions with customers. We are grateful and thankful for her love of cooking and sharing."


Paula & Fred  M.

"Thank you for the delicious, healthy meals every week! You have widened my eating

horizons with your creative seasonings bringing zest to my tongue!  You have nudged me gently to more plant based eating! I especially enjoy feeling nourished from the loving care you put into your



Hugs, Phyllis

"I have a been customer of yours since the inception of your business and before that when you were associated with the Wellness Kitchen.  You have never disappointed me with the excellent meals you have prepared for me.  Thank you so much."

June S.

"Really good food and healthy!  Having it delivered is so helpful. And gluten free and dairy free is an huge bonus. Well done!" 


"Healthy and delicious! That's how we describe our meals from Wild Dandelion. We look forward to Wednesdays and our weekly delivery from Naida. She's punctual, reliable - and a great chef."

Ginny and Bob

"I love so many things about Wild Dandelion. The flavor of the food is fantastic. The sauces Naida creates are so unique and compliment the food so well. It is so nice to get the food delivered at your door each week. I would highly recommend Wild Dandelion!"



"First of all, we have SO enjoyed your amazing meals this past week.  With that said, not only are they delicious and healthy, but the packaging is wonderful, too.  Just so impressed with your wonderful business, and I want to continue to support you and be a good client.  You are doing great things for the community, helping people eat healthfully and mindfully.  It was lovely to meet you last week.  All my best wishes, and with gratitude for your kindness and obvious talent in the kitchen."



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